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    I came up with the way to end the book that I thought was kind of fun my favorite last words that people have said in human history because the point was I want you think about going out with real aplomb we would you would be great if you could just say something really witty or clever meaningful a philosophical as a result the fact that you constantly were improve your and you’re just you’re right there last year exit lines just smashing solicitor ADDIUM somebody’s 101 my favorite was Renoir as he died he painted a picture of a flower and he said I think I’m beginning to learn something about art Grouch Marx said I why that’s the last thing all do oh this is great Humphrey Bogart said Inver searchers switch from Scotch to martinis Oscar wiled while sipping champagne on his deathbed said either that wallpaper goes or I do but my very favorite one because it really embodies the be mindful love learning this is this is from Dominique Bone who was a French Jesuit essayist and noted grammarian and Dominique’s last words were.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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