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    I did not know that quite so many people would be interested in the things that works for me but it turns out that they tend to work on the left is on this on the rightIslamists and as we mentioned that language doesn’t necessarily worktop get patient compliance so on the left is not so good on the right is kicking more ass for your love doctors talk about the kind of thing but when you’re practicing medicine a new position at that way especially for the younger audience they will respond to that in a way that is amazing and they will not respond to one is that way today there are three things that we’re going to talk about around upgrading your mind and one of those is the activities you can do that change your mind we’re going total about nutritional fuel Addium approaches for the mind and I’ll talk about some the technology well stuff that’s available today in some stuff that’s about to come out from inactivity perspective this should be no surprise but sleep is pretty important most to the people that have worked with sounder blindly believe that eight hours is the right man asleep it is for some people the only little problem is that in study of 1.2 million people followed for several years the data showed that people who slaps 6.5 hours lived longer than people who slept eight hours peoples that nine hours lives less long than people who slapped six hours from.

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