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    You talk about attachment being real problem but aren’t you getting attached to meditation is in this more just more the problem you know shouldn’t he have loose meditate when you human don’t feel like a committee don’t be attached so here is the general a man who spent was a twelve years in meditation retreat that sounds like a lot of attachment Union attached to Ricky attached toeing and manage that meditation sound like really problem here so just about these clarify for me why is it not just a big problem up home yes sir up Chris it when the problems it is are language that a although on one level English is an extraordinarily reach language so vast I mean the dictionary so this big are they get several volumes yet on some very really crucial turns the language CogniQ turns out to be very impoverished we were discussing um they would desire you desire for ice cream the desire for enlightenment same word worked for love for ice cream love for the Guru love for the practice and the same is true for the word attachment in Tibetan it’s it’s very specific the wood to chop has be connotation all arm a Roth been cleaning mind which is inherently negative that arm it is not one doesn’t feel it’s not the same word as the word for wishing for enlightenment and reissuing to practice.

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