Then, based on what we know, and we will review

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    Then, based on what we know, and we will review but not limited to, what should be done to improve the cognitive performance of certain of the guarantees of success.

    Many of the suggestions made to the “intelligence” to improve comes from observational studies. Studies of these people / X food and asks to take the question “of people who do not / X eating more intelligent than those ALPHA ZXT who do not do / eat?” They have been getting these relations studies. We know that the relationship does not mean causation. In fact, some of these studies is a causal relationship, this is a reasonable mechanism that X makes you smarter. Consider a number of these studies.

    Mozart effect

    It is known, for example, can the idea of classical music put infants and children under the age of three years to increase the intelligence of this. This is the so-called Mozart effect. The idea of this effect appears for the first time in 1993 at the University of California. There, physicist Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher, a specialist in the study of cognitive development, and tested with several dozen students from the effects of hearing classical music: the first 10 minutes of the Sonata in D major for piano four-hands, Mozart.

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