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    Upon your nervous and but you know to recover slash the time goes by and then you’re going off in the end then it kind of hit me right then and there I wow I mean Eremax that was so nerve-wracking and you know I didn’t know what I was doing but it was incredible to an incredible feeling and I want to do it again you’re a retired actually a hold of Brian and myself we did com competeprominent brain’s quite a few years crawl than I am qualm quite a few you are quite a few I it’s actually kind of kind of there to see how things go well full circle because Brian computed call you know I was how was just more so with that is being a bodyguard and bouncer and slow and so forth Brian you know saw meat his German band and convince me to eventually compete and the same experience that you just talk about you know going off the gym just you don’t feed a nervous wreck in Paris you know my palms are .

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