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    I’m hi sleep I’m suit against Reading downing you incorrect I’m time now if your pressure is now on the road ferry you’re gonna be tired if take a lot of work and I’m no you’re not felt and easy to break just cannot believe you Sally call from the first second done today salary like this one ok right now spry I’m figures you know whether our Sundays you can’t control what from you you’regonna have to do more in what you thought we were doing everyday that’s what life is from my everybody’s I decide that in my separates him from everybody else is a member spirit hold back to you to get to the end you have to just all you ever do is fix he’s ready you process I want you can do it you’re so much more powerful than you think you are you just have to believe in yourself agency that good Sally you can do it 3 to wine go month first album quest for such its goods from an icy record Sally hunt first what’s 136 much value by good you got find it fast good Slimgenix Pro till those businesses 146 LA 147 Sally first victory 152 Valley so that’s how KS value she pushed herself so hard and that’s why shortly after the workout I wanted to show her bushy was at 335 pounds there’s something the bush outside Kumar if we’re gonna actually do this thing I would like to have really good after picture to go with that before but more than anything don’t stop don’t give up self-respect as well as the health and bottom line last fall the looks it all those that matter because you won’t be here if you don’t do this remember free your mind your ass will follow you youth I have I’m never going back never going back you know.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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