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    When you think about your body, what part (s) I leave you with a shudder, sigh or cry inside? Is your least favorite feature of the arms, maxx test 300 thighs, abdomen, …? Now take a minute to check your “bad” characteristics more closely. What do you say to yourself about them? Do you look at minor things that do not really matter? Are you able to give an honest assessment of your flaws and see a ray of hope, or are cruel and unforgiving about the imperfections? Do you think you can change the parts that are less than ideal Cree, or feel hopeless? Some people think that a tough attitude towards problem areas will help you focus and work hard to correct them. But that’s not how I see it. Excess critical thinking is actually counterproductive. Such negativity is powerful and dangerous and can quickly overwhelm any good feeling .

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