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    I want to buy this again or I’ll just go back to my purity I guess depend on my budget on but yeah I think I’m going to go back tithe purity Justin had this for a year now I’m just sick looking at it want to you know see a different model like out fashion fun thing I’m want to tone it all have right now high-level super honey Ronnie of it Leech not going to talk about this too much because in fact only been using this for eek and my first passion I Rapid Repair Eye Serum can tell you is very good how you did it after a clans I put about thanks of in the palm of my hand so you can see it just equally after it happened extra I just spread it around and honey on all over I even take it over my eyes I’ll and I keep adding until it gets little bit tacky and month just in I leave it alone and after about five minutes my face field exchanged all or not it leaves my skin very soft and hydrated after you even Toni Collette lotion it in acts more it its clear bites liquid looks like water really it’s got to be just flipped to it when you apply it there’s a huge cult following ingle where one is sold every force Anderson DP like had my on PE ask each.

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