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    I’m just using it for about a few weeks like tell me I started seeing differences like my skin was tighter abhors closed up and then my this spiral I’m out start to dissipate and so I was really excited so I continue to use it I V is for my yeah I said and now some point where I don’t have to use corrector on the foundation too high and this guy I’m hyper pigmentation my foundation covers it by itself on before and now we’re probably about awake ago that I stopped using them I corrector to I’ll cancel out the darkness of my mouth because my Wrinkless Cream foundation is finally coming in that fight own so that was a plus for me salt Aim very impressed thus far I having like I said for months now been using this product so I don’t want to you know when she has to be skeptical because I don’t come to you with enough advance task that probably wouldn’t have even you know he is but I do use the products that tell you guys that I like so you know it just you know how little faith in me that I would just recommend you something that would be dishing out to you or just bit hit me that’s not what I’m here for so theorize is actually just really revolutionary there were so many before and after pictures day.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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